We Specialize in Manufacturing IT Services

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Companies

Many IT companies function as “break/fix” providers. These types of companies react to issues as they arise, and bill by the hour for the services they perform. While they may be reliable and good at their jobs, this fee-for-service model doesn’t build long-term relationships. Additionally, this reactive model can be costly for manufacturing companies facing potential downtime. These clients need specialized Manufacturing IT Services.

We are experts in working with Manufacturing companies. From pre-sales to production to personnel, we have an intimate understanding of the business flow and security needs for manufacturers. As such we are able to assess individual client needs and develop your action plan quickly and efficiently.

At GladiusIT, we invest in our relationship with your manufacturing company by being proactive with your IT needs. We assume a larger, more active role in your business, and take the time to understand your work. This helps us effectively integrate our managed manufacturing IT services into your organization’s day to day operations for maximum uptime and no inconvenience for you.

Being an expert in your business doesn’t happen overnight – if it did you might consider hiring us in other capacities! It will take time to learn how specific IT and computer issues affect your work. However, our specialized focus on manufacturing means that our experience is deeper than it is broad across a range of industries. This depth of knowledge means that we come to the initial meeting with a solid understanding of manufacturing from a generalized industry perspective (and lots on first-hand experience). In turn, this allows us to more quickly extrapolate our first-hand experience to your unique business needs.

Put simply, we speak the language of the manufacturing industry, and then we learn your specific dialect.

Our main objective is to maintain continuity of your business and make sure that IT issues never stand in the way of you doing your job. If we don’t feel we can effectively help you run your business better, we won’t recommend a partnership. Our honesty and transparency is why we have lasting relationships of more than 15 years with several of our clients.

Our Manufacturing IT Services can help you secure your business and prevent costly downtime. Get in touch with us to discuss your business needs by calling us at 952-486-8277, and we’ll get a meeting on the calendar!