IT Security Management: Our Proven Proactive Process

It’s just as much WHAT we do as it is HOW we do it that sets GladiusIT apart from other IT security management companies. We believe that no matter your industry, first implementing process and procedure is imperative to building and maintaining a properly functioning system.

With GladiusIT, you get our tried and true methodology: six tenants of systems and IT security management executed in four methodical steps.

Typical Customer Up-time


How does GladiusIT Handle Downtime?

Using GladiusIT, downtime is scheduled during times when the impact to production is minimal. Problems are spotted and fixed before they cause downtime. Scheduled inspections keep things running smoothly. Our typical customer experiences uptime exceeding 99.97%.

We believe your system should be...

  • Simple rather than complex. The more simple and straight forward the security policy, the more likely the guidelines will be followed and the system kept secure.

  • Easy to maintain rather than difficult. Security methods and tools, like everything, are subject to change based on new challenges and needs. This security policy is built around minimizing the impact changes will have on your system and its users.

  • Built using only what is necessary for the system to function. We promote freedom through confidence in the system’s integrity rather than stifling system usability. Building trust in your system requires using quality security methods and tools and avoiding security methods that unnecessarily decrease the usefulness of your system.

We believe your system manager should be...

  • Aware of fallibility instead of promoting a false sense of security. One of the most likely ways to invite a security problem is through the belief that your network could not possibly have that problem.  Rather than resting on our laurels, we are eternally vigilant.

  • Focused on real problems rather than being over-occupied by theoretical ones. We spend our time and effort dealing with the biggest real problems and work down from there.  We prioritize our efforts and plug the biggest holes first.  To help determine what we should be watching for first, we turn to organizations such as SANS or CERT that detail precise security problems that really do pose a threat and what we can do about them.

  • Practice immediacy rather than procrastination. We’d like to be able to anticipate every problem your system may encounter, our crystal ball is on backorder. Thats why we fix problems right when we identify and determine that they pose a risk. We don’t fall prey to thinking that it can be taken care of at a later time. There is no time like the present, especially when your business is at stake

Our 4-Step IT Security Management Solution

Our GladiusIT Management Method is a four-step process designed to prevent downtime and ensure your network is as secure as possible:



We perform an audit of your IT infrastructure from wiring closet to desktop in order to establish a baseline. This will identify your strengths and vulnerabilities.



Based on the audit results, we develop a plan of attack to correct deficiencies, and to secure and organize your network. We then assist you in creating a network security policy for your specific needs.



Using other GladiusIT services and tools, we ensure your network remains stable with regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections.



Using the power of state-of-the-art monitoring and management software, as well as remote access capabilities, we take your IT to the next level: Problems disappear, and unparalleled reliability becomes the norm.