Don’t Wait for "Checkmate"

Proactive managed IT services to protect your manufacturing business from today's cyber threats.

Implement security best practices

Maintain compliance protocols

Future-proof your business

You can’t afford your system getting compromised.

When it comes to cyber security, businesses have more to worry about than keeping systems up to date. Outdated systems can not only crash, but are prime targets for hackers. A compromised system means lost business, time, and trust, not to mention thousands of dollars to resolve a system breach.

You shouldn’t lose sleep worrying about:

– Cyber security breaches
– Outdated systems & software
– Network instability or insecurity
– Maintaining data integrity
– Not meeting your customer’s compliance requirements
– Managing your digital footprint

Stop hackers in their tracks.

Implement security best practices

Hackers are getting smarter by the second, but with the right policies and procedures in place, most cyber security threats can be avoided.

Maintain compliance protocols

Companies that stay current with ever-changing security compliance requirements earn the trust of their clients over the competition.

Future-proof your business

Sleep better at night knowing your systems are not only in good hands right now, but that those hands are proactively working to prevent future compromises.

GladiusIT is only a phone call away.

We’ve seen a lot of ugly situations in our over 50 years of collective IT security experience. Many of our long-standing relationships started with a phone call for emergency recovery services. We love those clients, and we’ve helped all of them out of precarious positions. But our goal is to partner with you before “Checkmate” to implement the latest industry best practices, attain and maintain compliance protocols, and future-proof your manufacturing business.

We aren’t a break/fix IT firm. We spend the time getting to know your business landscape and tailor-fit a security system that makes sense for your company. Our tenure in the manufacturing industry means concentrated familiarity with the issues impacting today’s manufacturer.

Simply put, we speak your security dialect and can efficiently implement systems to protect you.

IT Security Services Offered…

IT Security Services Offered…

It’s time to stop worrying about a checkmate situation and start winning more business. Here’s the plan:


Request a 40-point inspection from our audit team.

Our audit team will come onsite and spend the day turning over rocks and identifying the threats and compliance issues your company currently faces.


Get your customized security compliance plan.

Your multi-faceted report details what, where and how your business needs to tighten its network security. Then we devise a security compliance plan and execute it.


Stop worrying and focus on growing your business.

With a preemptive methodology in place, you can trust that GladiusIT has you protected from threats before they become a checkmate situation, both imminently and for the future.

Flip the script. Hackers? Checkmate.

No one at your company has time to keep up to date with ever-changing security best practices, much less clean up after a data compromise. With proactive managed IT services from GladiusIT, your company is safe from threats before they disrupt your business. Don’t wait for a checkmate situation to compromise your business (or worse). Thwart threats, rest easy, and fearlessly grow your business.

Compliance Services

Does your business require NIST SP 800-171 or CMMC compliance? We can assist you in attaining and maintaining your DFARS security requirements. Learn more about our three-step approach to compliance and our automated systems for managing and maintaining compliance.

Tech News & Updates

We’re so busy keeping your systems up to date that our tech blog sometimes gets neglected. But we do occasionally post updates and interesting new articles.

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