Disk and Cloud-based Managed Backup System

Managed Backup System

Disk and Cloud-based Managed Backup System

Disk and Cloud-based Managed Backup System 1280 853 GladiusIT

Introducing a new version of Back Me Up! Disk and Cloud-based Managed Backup System

As mentioned in December, we are rolling out two new and improved versions of our “Back-Me-Up” backup system and “Protect-My-Network” perimeter security suite. The transition to the new managed backup system has been completed. We will be making some minor “tweaks” as we go, but so far everything looks great.

The main differences with the new backup system is that we can now backup entire servers (and workstations, too!) as an “image” to both backup disk and the cloud. This allows for MUCH faster full system restores in the event of a major problem. It also provides better protection from “ransomware” damage unlike before when cloud backups were limited strictly to the data saved on your servers. The new managed backup system is also more reliable.

Wondering how much the updates will increase your monthly bill? Not to worry. The costs of the annual license renewal and the monthly cloud storage is almost identical to the previous system, which means clients will not experience any significant increase in backup expenses.

We will be contacting clients to discuss backing up certain critical workstations, and going forward we will implement this new version of our managed backup system exclusively.

The information sheet has additional details about the new managed backup system; answers to additional questions, an overview of the benefits, and a bit more about how the managed backup system works.

Please contact us you have any questions regarding this transition, or managed backups systems in general.