Nov 2022: Remote Control & ECI/M1 V8

GladiusIT Remote Control

Nov 2022: Remote Control & ECI/M1 V8

Nov 2022: Remote Control & ECI/M1 V8 1011 414 GladiusIT


We are busy, busy, busy! We plan on having a presence in Tampa, Florida by January 1st, but we are also looking at Salt Lake City, Utah soon, due to business demands. The rebranding is almost complete – new logos in place, and website is just about done.

Q: DID YOU KNOW that IT service providers are 8 times more likely to get attacked by hackers than any other businesses? Now you do! Let that sink in, like Elon would say…

This month I want to tell you about 2 things: A slight change in our remote access policy, and for those of you still on M1 ver 8.x, well…yeah.

  1. Remote Control – Screens will be locked initially by default from now on. This is because we want users to be aware of their mouse moving by itself (NEVER a good sign), when we connect to a remote PC or server, you will get a BIG screen that says we are connected, and the keyboard/mouse will be locked out. If it requires collaboration with you, we will unlock it right away. But since most of the time we are working without user interaction, you will have no doubt we are connected and that it is us.
  2. ECI/M1 version 8 loses all support on April 1, 2023. True story. If you are one of the few who are still on version 8.x, remember that date and plan accordingly!

Thank again, everyone!! Call / email us with any questions, pls.

Pearce and the Gang