April 2020: How to Install Updates

Install Updates

April 2020: How to Install Updates

April 2020: How to Install Updates 626 363 GladiusIT

Two things this week:

  1. Security Updates. During the last 2 weeks, over 500mb of important security updates have come out for both servers and workstations. We will be installing them on all servers this weekend, as well as on all workstations where it has not already been installed. It is important that you also make sure your home workstations are up-to-date. Below is a document showing you how to install Windows Updates that you can use on your home workstation. It might be best to do it twice at home, to make sure there are no more updates.
    How to install WIndows Updates
  2. Price Changes. In January, we began the process of simplifying our pricing and billing, and becoming more competitive with our service offerings, as well as renegotiating product pricing with some of our vendors. The result is that over the next 9 months, we will be making incremental changes to our product pricing structure, starting next month.
    So, on May 1st we will be starting a new backup service with Acronis that will significantly reduce the cost of providing backups. Some of you will see your backup costs drop as much as 75% for cloud-based backups.

Thanks, again for your cooperation. Keep yourselves safe and we will keep your IT safe. 😊

~ Pearce and the Gang