May 2020: Scam or Not?

what's a scam and what isn't

May 2020: Scam or Not?

May 2020: Scam or Not? 626 419 GladiusIT

I hope everyone is hanging in there. Looks like we are starting to open back up, which is great. Unfortunately, the scammers are not letting up, as you know. We have taken a break from the phish testing, due to so much of the real thing pouring in (and us being short-staffed). But, we do appreciate the heightened sense of awareness this whole thing has brought on. Real-time training, so to speak. We have seen ZERO incidents of someone clicking on something they should not have. That is outstanding.

Two things:

  • Windows Updates. Windows updates are big, again. 600MB or more. We will be pushing them out as much as possible this weekend. Let us know if this is a problem.
  • PDF Issues. Some updates are prompting you to login to Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat when opening a PDF. Both of these are legit, but if you have any doubts – here is how to tell. With Outlook, no email will be coming in, if it is real. With Acrobat, it will happen when you try to open (or maybe create) a PDF. Of course – let us know ASAP if you have ANY doubts at all. That is what we are here for!


~ Pearce and the Gang